We've collaborated with Bristol-based illustrator, @jasmineshanice123 on the design of our new beer Have I Got Juice for you.  She focuses on creating colourful, digital artworks and pen illustrations that highlight cultural and social change 🎨⁠⁠Jazz explained the meaning behind her artwork, ‘The design is a play on the overwhelming homogeneity of the craft beer industry, and depicts a young woman sat in a bar full of bearded beer-drinking bros on her quest for the perfect juice bomb. I wanted to reinforce the notion that craft beer is in fact for everyone to enjoy, and in this case, everyone in that bar...

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Born in the riotous days of 2011, London Fields was the first brewery to open in Hackney for over 100 years.

We brew accessible and flavoursome beers from our new brewery under the arches in London Fields.


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